Text accompanying this photo on eBay:
"Scene: Driving on US Highway 80 through the small town of Tullahoma, LA, you may be surprised to come upon a really red Missouri Pacific caboose, wheels and all, sitting beside the town's restored depot. The Missouri Pacific and Illinois Central both served Tullahoma with passenger service into the 1960's, and somewhat incredibly the Mopac operated the "Delta Eagle" from Little Rock terminating, of all places, in Tullahoma. One can only surmise that a major shipper or someone who owned a great deal of Mopac stock lived nearby."

Our Historic Society has steadfastly claimed that our fair city is currently the only village in the world named Tullahoma. But our member Don Merritt, being between archeological gigs, surfed eBay and found this photo of a caboose located at Tullahoma, LOUISIANA listed by a gentleman of Birmingham, Alabama. Don circulated this eBay item to a number of us amateur historians and although I was in a state of shock I submitted the winning bid for this photo. I then wrote the seller noting that I could not find a Tullahoma, LA on any of the maps I had available. To the relief of all of us, Marvin Clemmons responded promptly as follows:
 I'm embarrassed!  I'm very familiar with Tullahoma, TN (I live in Birmingham) and when I wrote up the slide description I wrote Tullahoma instead of Tallulah.  Reckon that's just how a 59-year-old brain words sometime.
I'll understand if you were buying the slide for the name of the town and want to cancel your purchase.  Just let me know and I won't invoice you.  And thanks for calling it to my attention. 
Kind regards,
Marvin Clemons

Following is the message I wrote to Marvin:
"Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 8:42 PM
Subject: You Won eBay Item: Missouri Pacific steel caboose #13457 at Tullahoma, LA (28000

Sir, I live in Tullahoma Tennessee and we have thought that our town's name is unique and the only active village in the world with that name. I cannot find Tullahoma LA on a map and wonder if you have any info on that town. Thanks for considering this matter and I look forward to receiving the slide. Proffy"

My good friend, Dr. Keith Anspach sent me the following entry confirming the Mopac Tallulah destination: "In the streamliner era, the Missouri Pacific's premier passenger trains were collectively known as the Eagles. A variety of Eagle trains were operated, with the first such train inaugurated in 1940. Eagle routes included the Missouri River Eagle (St. Louis to Kansas City and Omaha), the Delta Eagle (Memphis to Tallulah, Louisiana)." This matter is of particular interest to Keith for his Grandfather Robert Martin was a long time engineer on the Mopac railroad.

So our Historic Society again prevails!!

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