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Thanks to Dorothy Ann (Bingaman) Brady for sending me this photo of the NTHS band school year 1937-38. Here the band is located near the street that runs in front of NTHS and is slightly left of the area that the smokers utlilized as an off-campus smoking location when we were at NTHS.
Left left to right standing at back: Mac Swengel, Band Director,(?), Beverly Barber,Norman Payton, seated back row: Mary Ralston, ?,?,Frances Wiley,Ralph Havikorst, Marjorie Young,Dean McCalister,Charles Albin, Herman Wolf,Ted Worland,?,?,?,?.middle row:Mary Julia Young,Eleanor Brimberry. John Bingaman,Elwanda Drennan,Alice Perry,Pat McCauley, Sam Saegesser, Eugene Lawrence,front four with banners:
Harvey Watkins,?,Perry Lewellen,Ann Kingman. In addition to these names, Dorothy and Frances Wiley had on their list: Mary Baker,Norma Holiday,and a Snodgrass? And I think I have identified some that they do not have on their list. Would be pleased to receive corrections or additions from any who wish to send them. With my copier, I have made a double size picture which makes the faces of the members much clearer and would be glad to snail mail a copy to any who want it. Although this photo was taken by our long time HS photographer, Speith of Olney it is not as clear as they usuallly provided..

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