The location of this photo is looking southeast and from East Lincoln Street at the intersection with Northeast Atlantic Street. Bob Couch helped me identify the features of this photo. The water tower is located over the long existing 100 feet deep community well. The big building in the middle of the picture is the Traders Bank with many offices on the second floor and to the left of it across Lincoln street is Taylors Drug Store. The small building to the left is the glove factory. Note what appears to be a dirt street, no sidewalks and the tall poles. Electrical power came from the Rock Island Hydro Plant and was distributed from a small plant behind the water tower. Later the water tower was moved 100 feet south of this location and the Tullahoma City Hall was built in that location. The Rock Island Hydro Plant involved a dam on the Caney Fork River near the city of Rock Island, Tennessee. Dean Dougherty told me that as TVA came into the area in the early 1930s, he then head of Civil Engineering at UT, was asked to estimate the value of the Rock Island Dam. He said it was in very bad repair and he estimated its value at 1500 dollars but TVA finally paid 10,000 dollars for it. This further confirmed the Dean's view that TVA was a too expensive government program and would have been eventually done by private enterprise in the Tennessee Valley. Once in conversation with Dean Dougherty and Dean Granger in Perkins Hall high above the Tennessee river, Dean Granger, fed up with Dougherty's claims about the faults of TVA, turned to me and said "Ask the Dean about the time the Tennessee River water in Perkins Hall was up to our knees here."

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