This photo of Betty and me was taken just at the closing of my Retirement Party at the Officers Open Mess in June, 1990. It was a fine occasion with many friends present and well arranged by my colleague, Bob Kamm.
Bill Snyder was the Master of Ceremonies at my retirement event. I first knew Bill as a graduate student from UTK at NU, then as a very valuable faculty member at UTSI, then as Chair of the Engineering Science Department at UTK, then Dean Of Enginering at UTK and later as Chancellor of UTK. Upon learning of my plans to retire, Bill sent me the following letter:

May 7, 1990
Dr. Robert L. Young
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
U.T. Space Institute
Tullahoma. TN 37388
Dear Bob:
I have learned recently of your plans to retire June 1, 1990. I am writing to extend best wishes to you and Betty as you move into this next phase of life.

I want to tell you also how much your friendship has meant to me throughout my career. We started out together sharing an office at Northwestern in 1954. You and Phyllis were kind to the young Snyder newlyweds from Tennessee. You were clearly the governing influence (for better or for worse) in my deciding to come back to Tennessee to the new Space Institute. You showed confidence in me in inviting me to give lectures on MHD in the summer short course (thereby risking your professional reputation for the quality of the course) .

The Tullahoma years were good for me professionally, and you have made tremendous contributions to the growth and development of the Space Institute. You didn't always get the credit and recognition you deserved for your contributions, but I can assure you that many of us were aware of the stabilizing role you have played over the years. Your sense of humor and irreverence at appropriate times have helped many of us laugh and not take ourselves or events too seriously.

After your retirement, I hope that you and Betty might be able to travel to Knoxville more often. I would like to invite both of you to be guests of the College of Engineering at a football game this Fall if your schedule permits. Dates for which we still have seats available in the College box are September 1, September 15, November 3, and November 24. I hope that you might be able to come on one of these dates. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can attend and on what date.

Bob, I hope that you and Betty will have many years of pleasure together after your retirement. You have worked hard and made significant contributions to engineering education and the engineering profession. Enjoy your well earned retirement.


William T. Snyder Dean of Engineering

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