At my retriement party in June, 1990, I was pleasantly surprised by this plaque presented by Mrs. Joyce Lewis from all the fine ladies who had worked with me as secretaries. Doubly meaningful that Joyce presented the plaque for her husband Clark was the first PhD recipient in engineering from our UT/AEDC Graduate Study Program. Bill Snyder, then Chancellor at UTK, served as MC of the program and many of my friends were in attendance. Among the out of town attendees, My mentor Professor Ed Obert attended, Joel Bailey and Pete Pasqua came from UTK to attend and Professor Ray Sleeper also attended plus a fine number of local friends. Before the event, we had an open house which gave the out of towners a chance to visit. Bill Moore, Matha's brother was in attendance as were brother Philip and Mari and my three boys along with many former and current students. What a great occasion.

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