This is a view of UTSI when I retired in 1990 after
33 mostly happy years with UT at AEDC and UTSI while living in Tullahoma. The airplane is a variable stability aircraft with computer between the pilots control devices and the airplane control surfaces and devices. Thus the airplace with proper computer settings can simulate the flight qualities of a jet aircraft, a big airliner or a stealth bomber. Dr. Goethert initiated a research program featuring instrumented aircraft to measure aircraft performance in flight. Many short courses have been taught using these aircraft and pilots from all over the world have come to take these courses. In conjunction with General Schreiver and Colonel Sleeper, an Aviation Systems graduate program leading to a MS Degree was developed. The people at UTK tried to make this an option of an Industrial Engineering MS degree program but that effort failed to be approved by the UTK faculty and thus the Aviation Systems program is a solely UTSI Program. Through the use of distance learning techhniques, students all over the USA have earned MS degrees in this program and now several of these graduates are astronauts in the NASA space exploration flight program.

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