This is the Technological Institute at Northwestern
University as it was when I was there from 1944 (as a Navy V12 Sophomore student in Mechanical Engineering) until I left in 1957(as an Associate Professor of ME with a PhD degree). As I left NU to go to Tullahoma, my Department Head, Professor Burgess Jennings, notified me of my promotion to Associate Professor and insisted that I take a years leave of absence to go to Tullahoma and UT. At the end of that year, A. B. Cambel, then head of the ME Department asked me to come back to NU and help solve a problem of ME student dissatisfaction they had encountered. I might have helped for I had served as an advisor for all of the ME students but I was having a very interesting time at AEDC and in Tullahoma. It was well I did not go back for as indicated later my mentor Professor Obert had a very bitter dispute with Cambel and Obert left for Wisconsin. I am sure that I would have been on Obert's side so where would I have gone? My faculty office at NU was in the left wing on the lowest floor at the window closest to the main building. The ME labs were in the center wing on the left side of the building and it was there I taught labs and did my PhD research. To the far left is a fraternity house similar to those I lived in as a V12 student and in the background is Lake Michigan. This fine building has been expanded since I was there and the lake has been filled in near this shore to provide space for an astronomy center.



Minutes of the meeting of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Faculties Friday, April .19, 1957 . Room 270
Present: Messrs Cambel, Betterley, Hartenberg, Jennings, Kilner. Lewis, Lindenmeyer, McManus, Obert, Spotts, Young

1. The meeting was called to order by Professor Jennings at 12:30 PM.

2. Professor Betterley presemted the candidates for BSIE, June 1957. The list of candidates was approved.

3. Protessor Cambel spoke to the question of friendly cooperation among the menbers of a group, with the recognition of the individual's efforts to the joint cause. His remarks follow:
"In the rush of everyday life we usually do not give much thought to the indispensible help which the next fellow extends to us, Often we could not do our work without his quiet, unostentatious support, When such a person leaves, we all of a sudden realize his absence, and recognize that he may have been a tower of strength in many instancs, sometimes we do pay tribute to such people in their absence. It would be best if such a tribute were indicated while our friend is still around. Accordingly I wish to make the following statement on behalf of the Mechanical Engineering Department,"
"We all owe Dr. Robert L. Young a vote of confidence end an expression of sincere gratitude for excellence as a techer; for careful and considerate handling of administrative functions in the department; for intellectual curiosity in learning about new fields; for his strength of character and for maintaining graciouslness in difficult situations; for placing his own interests always seoond to those of his institution and his colleagues."
"We hope that Dr. Young will reconsider any pending decision and that we, his colleagues, will explore every possible avenue to determine means of inducing him to stay with us."
"However it is possible that we are not as perfect as we sometimes think and that others excel us. In that case, we should graciously sit back and bid Bob farewell. There is no doubt that Northwestem University will always be proud to have such an alumnus and we are privileged to have the friendship of such a comlete human being."

4. Professor Young remarked that he much appreciated all that had been said but that, in the spirit of youthful adventure, he would join the staff of the University of Tennessee.

5. Professor Young presented the candidates for BSME. June 1957. The list of candidates was approved with the exception of the name of Frederic Reynolds.

6. It was moved and passed that the matter of Frederic Reynolds' 3-quarter coop situation be settled between Professors Young and Brinkman.

These words of praise for my efforts were surely appreciated, During this time period it was announced that Professor A. B. Cambel would be replacing Professor B. H. Jennings as Department Head. Professor Cambel was a very ambitious and progressive faculty member who was teaching and doing research in Jet Engine Combusion, MHD and Rocket Propulsion. He believed that the Department was not properly emphasizing modern engineering practice and engineering research. I think he was geniunely concerned about my leaving the Department and the several administrative tasks I was performing well. After two or three years, he left Northwestern to become Head of the M. E. Department at George Washington University, Washington, D. C. Later he became a U. S. Government Energy Department employee and was much involved as a Science and Engineering advisor to the Department. That job involved world wide travel to learn of modern science and engineering practice. He was a good friend and later as a consultant from the Energy Department gave our UTSI MHD program a good review.



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