In living room at Fraternity House.
Back Row Left to Right: Dick Zehr, Niagra Falls, NY; E. C. Smith, NY; Dick Stewart, Parkers Landing, PA;Bob Garner,Gary.IND;John Fuller, Des Plaines,IL;Ed Mallick,Pittsburgh.PA;Eddy Friedman,Detroit,MICH;Bill Cuthberston,Dayton , OH; Neil Hiat,Evanston,Il;Dave Lloyd,Benton Harbor,MICH;
3rd Row, Dick Evins,Springfield,IL;Robert Young,Neoga,IL;George Spoon, MICH; P.T.Smith,Birmingham,MICH;Ralph Mertz, Detroit,MICH;Bob Doluth,Chicago,IL;Irvin Sylvan,Chicago,IL;Bert Lonquist,Chicago.IL;John Leone,Trinidad,CA;Bob Baddorf;C.B. Sharpe; MICH;J.Demijan,Pittsburg,PA;
2nd Row, Walter Joseph,MICH;Art Weber, Chicago,IL;Ralph Privitz,Chicago,IL;R.M. Wood, AL;RIchard Kimball,Detroit,MICH;?;?:?:?:?;
1st Row,D.A. Rogowsky,Chicago,IL;M.H. Lorenz,Detroit,MICH,? Donley,St. Louis,MO;Brian Kilgallen, Chicago,IL;Jack Galligher,Chicago,IL; John Christ,Hicksville,NY;Irvin Stein,Chicago,IL.
Horizontal on the floor is Paul O. Crouse, Springfield,MO.
We lived in various Frat Houses with beat up furniture and carpets. The first house I lived in was the Sigma Nu house. The Navy moved us frequently and I did not know all of these fellows.

Art Weber, Irv Sylvan and Brian Kilgallen were on our basketball team who were champs of the Navy League with me as captain of our Gremlin team and named as most valuable player. We were second in the overall intramural league.

Brian Kilgallen was a good helpful friend who was about a year ahead of me in school. When I told him that I had Professor Irving Wetzel for my first Thermodynamics course, he said "Get sick, Drop the course. go to the fleet!" for Brian had Wetzel for the course and he and Jack Galligher had a very difficult time. Fortunately I did not accept his advice and I found Wetzel's course so interesting that I have spent my life in teaching, researching and studying Thermodynamics. Also Professor Wetzel suggested the study on heat transfer from a rotating disk that was the basis of my PhD dissertation. Jack Galligher was another Chicago Irish lad who was quite mischievous and spent a lot of time on report with the Navy for tardiness and other unapproved activities.

John Christ and I played a large number of ping pong games and though all were close, John usually won. John and I went to several double header college basketball games at the Chicago Stadium on Western Avenue. We would board the elevated at Noyes Street, get off at the west side of the loop and walk maybe 10 blocks to the Chicago Stadium. With a big bag of popcorn and many french fries, we watching the Northwestern and Depaul basketball teams play other big ten and independent teams. Max Morris, a V12 colleague, was the star of the Northwestern team and became an All American in both basketball and football. George Mikan, the almost 7 foot Depaul center was the best big center of the time and became a star of the professional NBA with the Minneapolis Lakers. Dutch Lonburg and Ray Meyer were the coaches of these two teams. We braved cold weather and snow to go to several of the double headers. With regret I must report that I would not be able to do the long walks required for these events. I was told that John became an Episcopal Church priest in Upper New York State which is totally consistent with the John Christ I knew..

R. M. Wood of Alabama and M. H. Lorenz of Detroit came to the V12 program from active service aboard ship for the Navy. Lorenz got married which was not permitted for V12 personnel and I believe that he was discharged from the V12 before he completed a degree program.
R. M. Wood was a fine student, received his BS degree and after discharge came back to Northwestern as a graduate student to study solid mechanics under the famous Dr. Hetenyi. I was also in graduate school with him and I recall that he severely chastised Dr. Hetenyi for showing up late for class and not paying enough attention to his students. Dr. Hetenyi responded and served Wood well and Wood ended up as a distinguished teaching and research Professor in solid mechanics at the University of Alabama.

Since we were frequently moved I had other very good friends who are not in this photo. Among them I think of Wayne Neeley of Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois who I first met at the our V12 Unit at U of Illinois, Richard Niewoehner of Richmond, Indiana and Phyllis and I did go to Richmond to his wedding in late 1946. I later received a telephone call him when I was at UTSI and he was employed in the nuclear power industry. Max Morris of West Frankfort, Illinois basketball and football star and a very fine person. Richard Valerius of Kansas who very much wanted to get back to the big west. James Cox of Sesser, Illinois who was one of the best players on our Gremlin's team.

It is strange but I have had almost no contact with any of these friends since we were released to the inactive Navy Reserve in June 1946 at Great Lakes Naval Station. Then we were young and eager to get on with our civilian life. But even today at age 80, I would surely welcome the opportunity to converse with any of them.

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