I could not resist putting this photo here. This picture is taken in the front yard of Lambert Grade School with US Route 45, my house, the garage we lived in while the house was being built and our big barn in the background, The two windows near the peak of the roof are for a bedroom that I slept in during high school. Upstairs were two finished closets and the finished bedroom but the rest of the upstairs to the north was unfinished with a rough wooden floor. Philip and I used to play basketball there in the winter with my mother down stairs expecting the ceiling plaster to fall at any time. But she never made us quit playing and the ceiling plaster has not yet fallen. Back row left to right, Howard Gordon 8th grade, me 5th grade, middle row left to right Carl Letner, Marilyn Green 4th grade, Dorothy Ann Bingaman 4th grade and my brother Philip Young 2rd grade, front Row two Letner girls and Judy Green who helped me decide that this is 1936 - 1937. Our teacher was Thelma Noyes of Mattoon, Illinois who was a fine teacher in our one room school and a pretty good outdoor basketball and baseball player at recess and noon.

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