Samuel O. and Mary W, (Pryor). Anderson pictured here are the parents of my Grandmother Rosa Anderson Higgins Parker, the mother of my mother Neva Joy Higgins Young. By good farming and extensive cattle raising, feeding and selling, Samuel O. gained the funds to buy the 600 acres of fine central Illinois farm land 5 miles North East of Neoga that Mari and I now own

I have not found any Anderson ancestors before my 2GGrandfather ROBERT C. ANDERSON who was born 12/25/1811 in Virginia. Married Nancy Smith 8/21/1834 who was born 3/16/1813 and they moved to Illinois about 1860. Lived on a farm 5 miles NE of Neoga (later the Clark farm just west of my farm on Brush Creek) and also ran a general store in Etna,Illinois.
Robert died 2/15/1882 and Nancy died 8/16/1892. Both are buried in Longpoint Cemetery South.

One son was my Great Grandfather SAMUEL O. ANDERSON, Born 4/21/1852 in Higginsport, Ohio. Married Mary W. Pryor who was born near Etna 2/4/1850. Samuel died in Neoga 4/25/1927 and Mary died at my folk's house 6/19/1931. They retired to a big house in Neoga and I can remember at age 2 seeing Sam Anderson in that house. He had a huge white beard which tended to scare me. I remember seeing Mary at our house when she was very ill. They had two daugheters, Clare Belle who died in infancy and my Grandmother Rosa Lee born 1/30/1873.

ROSA LEE ANDERSON married Bill (W. B.) Higgins 12/31/1896. Two children, Neva Joy born 12/11/1897 and William Bernard born 10/1/1913. Bernard died in his Model A Ford Cabirolet in a firey head on collision between Effingham and Sigel 1/23/1932. Bill Higgins died of diabetes 5/13/ 1931. Rosa married Henry Parker in 1938 and she died of diabetes in Mattoon Illinois 4/2/1944 and Henry Parker died in 1943 and is buried in the new part of Zion Cemetery South. NEVA HIGGINS married Max Young 1/31/1923 and my wonderful mother died of a stroke in 1972. I remember that Bill Higgins, Ray King and my Dad used to pack up all camping stuff and spend a few days at either the Embarrass or the Wabash River and usally they brought home a sack of fish. My mother took a dim view of these trips and did not encourage Dad to go. Dad also loved to play pinochle and shoot pool at the Neoga Legion building but my mother did not encourage those activities either. During the Depression there was a local community Club that met monthly on a Saturday night at the Apperson Country School. A pot luck dinner was followed by a play, singing, dancing and later card playing. I know that Dad wanted to go and surely Phillip and I liked to go but Mother took a dim view of that so we went infrequently. Mother also kept a tight leash on Phillip and me which might have been caused by the terrible death of her brother Bernard who was a bit wild as a teenager.

1. Anderson Family Bible entries.
2. Notes my mother left in a box of Family items.
3. Following email from Norma, an Anderson descendent from one of Samuel's brothers:

"Dear Robert, In my search for more info to you, I ran across Fred Swengal`s list of people from the funeral home. I t shows Samuel Oliver`s name and his wife, Mary Pryor Anderson` .         Samuel`s adress Neoga,Illinois. born in Higginsport,Oh.Father, Robert C. Anderson ,       mother, Nancy Smith. Informant: Mrs. Rosa Lee Higgins. Mary Anderson Address, Neoga. Birth place, Etna, Illinois. Name of Father, Ino Pryor mother, Faith Champion. Informant: Neva Young. So that`s where I got the whole names.               More later, Norma"
As I explained to Norma, Fred Swengel was my choir director in the late 30s and early 40s at the Neoga Presbyterian Church.

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