My 6GGrandfather, William Dreaden (Dryden) was born in Edmondston,Scotland in about 1650. He was a tailor and with his wife Agnes and sons John and David and several daughters emigrated to Somerset County, Maryland in about 1683. Edmonston was a town near Edinburg.The map of Somerset County shows by the cross the location of William Dryden's home and tailor shop on the Manokin River. To the left (west) is Chesapeake Bay and to the right (east) is the Atlantic Ocean. William was a Presbyterian and he and wife were jailed by the Anglican Church officials in 1682. William as one of the group leaders received a public whipping. William and his family may have left Scotland for Somerset Maryland because of the religious freedom it provided. It is thought that William is our prime Dryden ancestor but proof is not absolute. I hope that he is for I too am a Presbyterian but I have not been persecuted yet.


"Let me 'splain' this. The book that Leslie wrote that covers the Maryland DRYDENs who he can positively prove were descendants of William & Agnes (including himself) is "The Dryden Family: Book I". He could NOT prove that the David Dryden Sr (1700-1772) who settled in Augusta Co, VA ca 1742-ish was truly connected to the Maryland DRYDENs, so that is why he published "The Dryden Family: Book II". That has all the generations down from David Dryden Sr(1700-1772) -- including his son, David Dryden Jr and wife, Barbara Berry (meaning you and me). Leslie's writing partner, Ruth T. Dryden included Leslie speculation that 'our' David Dryden Sr might be connected to the Maryland William & Agnes Dryden, but it is clearly speculation. If he could have proven we were connected to them, we would be included in Book I. I do believe that Jane Dryden Thompson, the supposed first wife of 'our' David Sr was a Book I DRYDEN.


David Sr.'s will was written and signed on 2 June 1772 and filed in probate court in Augusta Co, VA on 18 August 1772. [The final settlement of his estate was completed in 1777, so that may be where you got that date.]
Go to this website:
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~berry/newupload/pages/report.htm scroll down to find {A.2.1b.} Barbara Berry. If you were interested you could click on her name and that would display all of the original primary source documentation found for Barbara Berry and her husband, David Dryden Jr. BUT, if you were more interested in David's father, you would click on Barbara's husband highlighted name, David Dryden Jr. That takes you to all of the original primary source information I've found on David Dryden Sr. -- including a full transcription of his will/inventory/estate settlement papers, among many other documents.


The THOMPSONs in Pennsylvania followed the same migration path that 'our' BERRY ancestors did -- presumably. The BERRYs were originally 'from' Scotland and migrated to Ireland -- I know NOT when, but probably circa 1610-ish which is when the English king decided to 'use' the Scots to quell the native (and hated) Irish. These Presbyterian Scots lived in northern Ireland for close to 100 years. The DRYDENs who came 'from' England/Scotland to Maryland ca 1685 are actually ahead of the massive Scotch-Irish migration to America. The Scotch-Irish -- generally speaking -- started migrating to America about 1718. They migrated because of rising rents and also because the English were putting restrictions on how they practised their Presbyterian religion. I forget the precise number, but between ca 1718 and ca 1760, there were massive waves of Scotch-Irish immigration to America. I have found 'a' David Dreddon in a record in northern Ireland at about the year 1660. There are s ome DR
YDENs who lived in Pennsylvania who can't be connected to the Maryland DRYDENs. Virtually ALL of the early settlers of Augusta Co, VA were Scotch-Irish. Augusta Co, VA is where 'our' David Dryden Sr is first found in 1742. I continue to believe that it is 'more likely' that 'our' David Dryden Sr was part of the massive Scotch-Irish migration and was NOT closely related to the Maryland DRYDENs -- but I can't prove it. :>) Carol
From: ryoung14@webtv.net (Robert L. Young)
Good Morning Madam Vass,
My OLD class mate Rowena had a mother who was a Thompson. There are many Thompsons in this world but we have only been able to find the mother's father and mother. I found a 1922 out of print book on the Higgins which has been very helpful so I searched for out of print books on the Thompsons and found one published in 1888 or so. I got a copy of it and sent it to Rowena and we are trying to find out if those Thompsons are ancestors of Rowena.
Of interest to you and me is the fact that the Thompsons who came to Eastern Pennsylvania in 1735. They were, like our Drydens Scotch Covenanters, originally from Scotland but then went to Ireland where in 1735 they emigrated from County Antrim, Ireland to Cross Roads, Chester County, Pa.
There may be a little date problem with the preceding for as you have patiently told me our William Dreaden was let out of jail in 1682 and the with son David must have arrived in Maryland in about 1700 and you are not certain that William and that David are our ancestors. However the Thompson experience does give some credence to your idea that our Drydens went from Scotland to Dryden.
Many of these Thompsons had several wives and many children and it is not clear that they are ancestors of Rowena. But from PA they did spread out all over the US of A so that is encouraging. Rowena hopes they were her ancestors for they were quite well known people distinguished in several professions. And her mothers mother was a Wishart which is a very famous Scotch name who was a supporter and mentor of Braveheart. Such is life in the genealogical realm.

Yes, I 'meant' to type 1685, but my hand typed 1785. :>)
In Leslie's book on the Maryland DRYDENs, it is very confused -- at least to me -- who 'might' have been the father of 'our' David Dryden Sr. I 'believe' that since Leslie couldn't draw a straight line of documentation, that he decided to publish 'our' David Dryden Sr and descendants as a separate book. Leslie estimates that 'our' David was born ca 1700, (no typo) so he couldn't have been born in Scotland. But honestly, the records are just not sufficient to say anything for certain.

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