(Courtesy of Cousin William Elms)

HENRY YOUNG SR, My 4G Grandfather, Born 1740,Edinburgh, Scotland. Attended Edinburgh University and was a teacher. To US, Marthas Vineyard, Mass. about 1766,met there and married Lydia Ross. In 1776, Henry was drafted into the Continental Army but he was discharged after 22 days to return to Marthas Vineyard as their only teacher. Later the family moved to Fenner NY. Had 8 Children,4 boys and 4 girls, including Robert Young (first son). Henry died about 1817 and is buried in Fenner, which is about 5 miles south of Rochester, NY. The original name of Fenner was Smithfield.

ROBERT YOUNG, My 3G Grandfather, Born 1/3/1768 in Mass, wife Lydia Gould, 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls, including Pascal Paoli Young (first son). Robert died 3/14/1847 in French Creek,Upsher County, Va which is now in West Va. Robert was a carpenter, Presbyterian Church teacher and farmer.

PASCAL PAOLI YOUNG, My 2G Grandfather, Born 10/18/1794. Wife Cynthia Phillips, 14 children, 9 boys and 5 girls, including Alonzo Augustus Young (2nd son). Pascal died 1/19/1852 at French Creek Va. Pascal was a farmer.

ALONZO YOUNG, My Great Gtandfather. Born 9/18/1820 at French Creek. Wife Martha Clark, 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, including Earl Lyman Young (2nd son) whom I remember as my Grandfather. The Cornelius Clark and Alonzo Young familis moved to Illinois in the 1850s and Alonzo and family lived in what became the home of Orville and Marie Young. Alonzo was a farmer and he died 4/25/1868. His wife Martha held the family together during Alonzo's long illness and for the years after his death. She died 6/1/1891 and both are buried on the south side of Longpoint Cemetery. The Elms and Hart book describes the large crowd that attended Martha's funeral at Woods Chapel Church which my Great Gradfather James C. Dryden had built and the many carriages which accompanied the casket for burial in Longpoint Cemetery. They were also the parents of Edwin Lincoln Young, father of Orville Young and Rufus Young. Orville was the teacher of Maple Grove School plus farming and living in the original Alonzo and Martha farm. Rufus owned a photography shop on the second floor of a building on Broadway in Mattoon, Illinois. I remember going there for picture taking among his ornate antique furniture when I was about 6 years old.

(The names Pascal, Paoli and Alonzo seem not to be those one would expect for these Scotch people. I posed this question to Cousin Bill Elms and he suggested that such names may have originated from an Italian - French patriot, Pascal Paoli, who was very popular in England because of his opposition to Napoleon. Could be the reason?)

EARL LYMAN YOUNG, My Grandfather, Born 3/10/1862, Wife Mytalena Dryden, 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls, Fern (Sparks), Max (first son), Hazel(Elms), Ina (McGinnis, Johnson}, Eleanor (Broder). Earl died of cancer 4/15/1934 on his farm 4 miles north east of Neoga, Illinois. Earl was a farmer and a member of the Neoga Twp. School Board. When my Dad, Max, came home from serving in the Marines guarding Cuba in mid 1919, they bought 400 more acres of land near their present farm because they thought was that the USA would have to feed Europe for decades. With the rapid recovery of Europe and the 1930s depression, they barely hung on to the added farm and it was only finally paid off in the early 1940s.

MAX DRYDEN YOUNG, My Father, Born 4/9/1895. Wife Neva Higgins, 2 children, 2 boys, Robert Lyle (first son) and Philip Alan, Wonderful father who died in 1975, Mattoon, Il. Max was an excellent, very progressive farmer, basketball hero, served in US Marines during WWI, Chairman of Cumberland County Draft Board in WWII.

ROBERT LYLE YOUNG, Born 4/3/1925 Neoga Illinois. Wives Phyllis Ralston (died of cancer 1968), Martha Moore Robertson (died of aneurism in 1978), Betty Mayberry Delk (died of cancer 1994), Mari Haupt Young (died of kidney failure 2002). Married Sara Marrs Crawford 3/29/2003. 3 children (2 boys), Ronald Lyle born 9/2/1054, Scott Alan born 2/3/1958, Scott Robertson (adopted son of Martha and Richard Robertson). Robert was in Navy V12 during WWII, PhD in Mechanical Engineering Northwestern University 1953, Faculty NU, 1953 to 1957, Retired 1990 as Professor of
Aerospace and Mechnical Engineering and Associate Dean Emeritus at UTSI. Fellow ASME, AIAA, ABET,AEDC

1. Notes from Cousin William Elms of Ohio who is also co-authoring a book on Young History.
2. THE DESCENDANTS OF HENRY YOUNG, Volume One, Compiled by William E. Elms and Diana M. Hart, 2002.

IN THE HERITAGE OF COFFEE COUNTY TENNESSEE 1836 - 2004, I submitted the following brief summary of my ancestry:
The primary ancestor of my family is Henry Young, born 1740 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He attended University of Edinburgh, served four years in the British Navy and as he was being discharged and ship decommissioned, ship wrecked near Martha's Vineyard Island, swam ashore, married daughter of ship owner and started and taught in the only school on the island. He was drafted into the army during the Revolutionary War but was soon released for he was the only teacher available on the island. My ancestors emigrated to Central Illinois through New York State and Virginia.

I was born and raised on a farm near Neoga, IL. My father, Max Dryden Young was a very progressive farmer and my mother, Neva (Higgins) Young graduated from Eastern Illinois Normal and later taught English and Latin in Lerna and Neoga High Schools. She was an accomplished musician and played piano amd sometimes directed the choir at the Neoga United Presbyterian Church.

Following three years in the Navy during WW2, I earned Bachelors, Masters and Doctors degrees in Mechanica! Engineering from Northwestern University. After three years on the engineering faculty at Northwestern, I came to Tullahoma in 1957 to direct the UT/AEDC Graduate Program. With my wife Phyllis and son Ronald Lyle, we moved into a rented house on Stone Boulevard. Like many Coffee County immigrants, I planned to stay for a maximum of two years before moving on to bigger and better things.

But our UT/AEDC Graduate Program prospered and by 1963, we enrolled about three hundred employees working toward Graduate Degrees in Engineering and Physics. Teaching and working with the AEDC students was a very stimulating experience for most were involved in important defense projects where the things I was teaching were essential to the projects success. I had to cancel my Heat Transfer class February 2, 1958 so that I could take Phyllis to Manchester Hospital for the birth of our second son Scott Alan.

Dr. Hilton Smith, Dean of the UT Graduate School said "Bob, there will be students you work with who in their careers far exceed your accomplishments but that is one of the most enjoyable benefits of professoring". And he was so correct.

Through the initiatives of Dr. Bernard Goethert; the Air Force, ARO, UT and the State worked together to establish the Space Institute in 1964. I had a wonderful career at UTSI teaching graduate and short courses with research in my areas of expertise Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer and service part of the time as Associate Dean until retirement in 1990. I held offices in American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Accreditation Bureau for Engineering and Technology (ABET). At the time of retirement, I was a Fellow in AIAA, ASME, ASEE, ABET and AEDC.

At my retirement event at the Officers Club, I told the folks, ''Though retired, I have no plans to leave this area for, in truth, it is a paradise" and I still believe that.
Submitted by: Robert L. Young, 110 Oak Park Circle, Tullahoma, TN 37388 Sources: The Descendents of Henry Young, Volume One, Compiled by William
R. Elms amd Diana M. Ricks Hart; Web to the Stars, Weldon Payne, KendalVHunt Publishing Co. 1992

3. Elms In an email notes that Robert Young.born about 1710 in Edinburgh, Scotland is the father of our Henry Young born 1749. Elms suggests the following genealogy for Robert Young father of our Henry Young:
John Young of Dundee, Scots Burgess
Sir Peter Young of Dundee, served twice as Ambassador to the Court of Gustavus Adolphus, Sweden.
Sir James Young, First Assistant Tutor to James Sixth of Scotland, who in 1603 ascended England's throne as James the First.
Sir Peter Young, Second
Robert Young
David Young
Robert Young born about 1710 Father of Henry Young.
It is noted that the connection between Sir Peter Young and David Young is well established but that the connection between David Young and
our Robert Young has not been proven.
4. Randy Young of Virginia who has a great webpage, furnished the information on the navy career of Henry Sr. also believes that he has found the parents of our Henry. From a 9/2001 letter from Randy:
"John Young (b.unknown; d.unknown) m. Abigail Wedderburn 5 Nov.1738 St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh (b.unknown; d.unknown) I have found at least two references to this union, both from the FamilySearch.org website. The first one is the marriage record of Henry and Lydia, which lists Henry's parents as John Young and Abigail Wedderburn. Using that information, I then did a search for Abigail Wedderburn's name, and found a record for her marriage to John Young in 1738 in Edinburgh, just two years before Henry's birth. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble moving any further than this. The only other reference I can find is to the birth of an Abigall Wedderburn in 1703 in Glasgow, but this would make her 35 years old at marriage and 37 when she had Henry. But I'm still looking."
5. Early April, 2005, I found in the Young GenForum information about a DNA study of the surname Young and alternative names.


It is my plan to register for a DNA test. in addition this paper gives a history of the surname Young as follows:
"Young surname facts 28th most common in USA15th most common in Scotland Definition: Derived from the Old English word "geong," meaning "young," this surname was used as a descriptive name to distinguish father from son or to the younger of two relatives with the same first name (similar to the "JR" used in the USA or to the "Mac" in early Gaelic names). This has resulted in many disparate strands of Young genealogy. A personal name with thesame meaning with the Gaelic Og or Oig, 'Young'. English, Scottish, and northern Irish: distinguishing name (Middle English Yunge, Yonge 'Young'). In Middle English this name is often found with the Anglo-Norman French definite article, for example Robert le Yunge. Americanization of a cognate, equivalent, or like-sounding surname in some other language, notably German Jung and Junk, Dutch (De) Jong(h) and Jong, and French Lejeune and LaJeunesse and assimilated form of French Dion or Guyon. Chinese: see Yang.In Scotland the earliest documented occurrence of the name was a John Young in Dingwall who witnessed a charter by the Earl of Ross in 1342 and a Symone Yong (sic) was a burgess of Elgin in Moray around the same time. Alexander Young was a chaplain to the House of the Holy Trinity in 1439 and Peter Young (born in Dundee in 1544) was a tutor to the three-year-old King James VI on the recommendation of the Regent Moray. He was knighted in 1605 in London after the Union of the Crowns. Walter Young served on an assize at Edinburgh in 1428. Alexander Yong was chaplain and procurator of the house of the Holy Trinity of Aberdeen in 1439. Alexander Yonge, a native of Scotland, had letters of denization in England in 1482.Irish Family Names suggests that the Young surname was brought to Ireland from Scotland (where it is among the most common surnames) and England by immigrant settlers the majority of whom came with the wave of settlers from Scotland who established themselves in Ulster in the 17th century. About two thirds of the families of the name inIreland are in the state of Ulster."
The preceding indicates that all of those with the surname Young are not relatied but are many different families.

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