Composer: T. B. Bishop
John Church Jr., 66 West Fourth St., Cincinnati
O. Ditson & Co., Boston
Balmer & Weber, St. Louis
W. A. Pond & Co., New York
C.W.A. Trumpler, Philadelphia
Lyon & Healy, Chicago

Music Printer: Wrightson & Co., Printers, 167 Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio

Entered according to Act of Congress, A. D. 1865, by John Church Jr. in the Clerk's office of the Southern District Court of Ohio

T. Brigham Bishop, primarily a composer of sentimental songs which have not survived, also wrote the little known war song, ABRAHAM THE GREAT AND GENERAL GRANT HIS MATE, (a combination he was sure would win the war for the North).

LEAF BY LEAF THE ROSES FALL is sadly sentimental and mirrors the times following the war. The third verse in particularly poignant:
"Some sweet hope to gladness wed,
That will spring afresh and new,
When grief's winter shall have fled,
Giving place to rain and dew;
Some sweet hope that breathes of spring
Through the weary, weary, time,
Budding for it's blossoming,
In the spirit's glorious clime."

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