My mother Neva Joy (Higgins) Young summarized the family entries in two large American Bible Society King James Version bibles copyright 1870 one from the Father and Mother of Samuel O. Anderson 1874 and the other from Rozander Higgins to his son William B. Higgins as follows:

"Robert C. Anderoon - born Dec. 25, 1811 Died Feb 15, 1882 Married to Nancy Smith Aug. 21, 1834 born Mch. 16, 1813 Died Aug. 16, 1892 Came to Illinois from Higginsport, Ohio.   settling on a farm northeast of Neoga. He also operated a general store in Etna, Ill.
Son- Samuel Oliver Anderson, born at Higginsport Apr,21, l852. Moved to Ill. as a boy with his family.
( Perhpps there were other sons- Green, or maybe Greenleaf; Charles and a daughter who married Alfred Louden and bore a daughter named Flora. they never made their home in Illinois, but the two men- who I thinK. were sons also lived near Etna, Illinois.)
S. O.Anderson married Mary W. Pryor (born near Etna, Ill. Feb.4,1850) on Oct. 20, 1870 in Coles C. Ill. Died April 25, I927
  Two daugnters were born to Samuel and Mary Anderson - Clara Belle, Oct.4, 1871 who died in infancy (Oct.6 same year) Rosa Lee, Jan. 30, 1873 I'ied Aprll 2, 1944.
Rosa Lee Anderson was married to W. B; Higgins in Neoga, Ill, Dec, 31, 1896
Chlldren - Neva Joy Higgins, born Dec.ll, 1897, William Bernard Higgins, Oct.l,1913, Dies Jan. 23, 1932
Mr. Higgins died in 1931 And Rosa Anderson Higgins married Henry Parker in 1938. He also preceded her in death.
To Neva H. and Max D. Young were born two sons Robert Lyle on Apr.3, 1925 married Phyllis Ralston Aug.2, 1946
Children- Ronald lyle, Sept.2, 1954
Scott Alan, Feb.3, 1958
Philip Allan, born Aug. 21, 1928 married Mari Haupt, May 22, 1954 Children- Steven Michael Sept.26, 1955 Robcrta Gaye, Aug. 14, 1964"

From Norma (Anderson) Prouchot, Norma writes "ME, I`m an Anderson." (Robert C. Anderson is the great great grandfather of both Norma and me. Norma also notes that her grandfather told her that the middle name of Robert C, was Charles.) Concering herself, Norma writes "I was born on 16 June 1931. Taylorville,Illinois was my place of birth. I lived around Christian Co. until about 1953, when my husband and I moved to San Jose, Illinois. My husband Gene is and was a teacher for 50 years. He retired after teaching for 50 years. Now we live in Wisconsin and run an auction service. We raised 7 children. All are out finally on their own. 4 live here in Wis. 2 in northern Illinois, and one living in Wyo.                                               Now that the children are not under foot , I`ll start to hunt ancestors. More later, Norma"
"Charles Francis Anderson" (brother of my great grandfather Samuel O.) "md. Melissa Smith   in Neoga, Illinois.2 Feb. 1870 when a RR train came through there with a minister on the train and the wedding ceremony was held aboard an Illinois Central Rairoad Pullman car,
Charles and Melissa had 5 children: Walter Francis, Minnie May, Claude Elsworth, John Robert, and Edward Raymond. John Robert was my grandfather.
1880 census Neoga twp. pg. 527 house 8
Charles F. 30 farmer b.Oh.
Melissa A. 29 b IN.                                             Walter F. 8                                                           Minnie M. 5                                                         Claudie E.1
House 16                                                         Samuel O. 27 b.Oh.                                             Mary W. 30 b. Illinois.                                       Rosa 7 b.Illinois
I have the marriage certificate from Brown County, Ohio. showing Robert C. was born 25 Dec. 1811. in Virginia. Died 15 Feb. 1882. Married 21 Aug. 1834 Higginsport,Oh. Wife was Nancy A. Smith.born 16 Mar. 1813 Ky. Died 16 Aug. 1892. Both are buried at Long Point Cemetery near Neoga, Illinois. In the book of HISTORY OF BROWN COUNTY, on pg. 472 Under the Heading states , Robert Anderson a Virginian , came about 1833, and in 1839, started a store.In 1849, he removed it from Water Street , where all the business had been done , to Washington,then a back street. Time has shown the wisdomof this step. Jesse Dugan another grocer bought Robert and Nancy`s house in Higginsport.                           The book,Historical Collections of Brown County, states on pg. 138 Sam Pell opened the first store here in 1825,and Jesse Dugan set up a business in 1832. Robert Anderson came in 1833 and had a large store where the old Pierce Hotel later stands. Children of Robert C. and Nancy: Robert R, Amanda, Henry G.. Milton P., Lucy A., Charles Francis (Norma's Great Great Grandfather), Robert Charles Jr,, Samuel Oliver (My Great Grand Father), and Joseph S.
Robert was a dry goods merchant. On the 1870 census shows they lived at or in what is known as Feesburg, Ohio. Brown Co., Ohio.Lewis Twp. pg. 171 #202   Family consisted of: Robert 58 drygoods merchant personnel property 12,000   real estate 3000 b. in Va. Nancy 55 keeping house Charles F.20 b. Oh. Samuel O. 18 b. Oh.
1880 census Eff. Co., Illinois Robert Anderson 68 b.Va. Dry good merchant. Nancy 67 b. Ky.
Only three sons came to Illinois. It is known that two of the three sons were Charles F. and
Samuel O. but there is a question about the third. The third may have been Robert Charles Jr. Born in 1850 and died in 1870. He,s buried in cem at Neoga.
They purchased land in Cumberland Co., Illinois. Later deeded it to two sons. { I had to go to Springfield for deeds. Land records had burned in Cumberland County court house fire.}
There were 4 warranty deeds transacted by     Robert and Nancy in Effingham city Court.             1. No.242 dated 22 Feb. 1875. Grantor: Robert and Nancy Anderson. Grantee: Samuel Anderson. 2. No.241 dated same day. Grantor:Robert and Nancy Anderson. Grantee: Charles F. Anderson     3. No. 243 dat ed 31 Aug. 1887 Grantor: Charles F. and wife, Melissa. Grantee: Samuel O.
4. No.561 dated 30 Nov. 1894                           Grantor:Charles F. and wife.                         Grantee: James Clark."
Following are details of land transactions including the preceding warranty deeds from Norma:
"I recieved these Original land entries from Ellen Decker . She copied them for me. Sec. 27 twp. 11 Range 7
1851 Aug 9 John L. Allison E 1/2 -NE 80 acres. 1851 May23 Thomas F. Lawson W1/2-NE80   acres. 1850 Dec.16 Thomas F. Lawson NW160 acres 1851 Aug.13 Thomas F. Lawson N1/2 SW 80 acres 1854Aug 3 William S. Allison SW-SW 40 acres 1853 Dec.13 John L. Allison E1/2 SE 80 acres 1851 Aug. 13 Thomas F. Lawson NW-SE 40 acres 1853 Dec.13 William S.Allison SW-SE 40 acres. Ellen did go to court house to see if she could find where Robert had purchased these . She searched but couldn`t find any thing. She did find where he sold them. She said the fire must have burned the records in 1885. She states, the land entries were copied from records in Springfield.                                              
#241 Robert to Chas. F. The South half of the South west quarter of Sec.27 Towneleven North of Range seven East of the third meridian containing 80 acres.                                                
#242 Robert to Samuel O. The North East quarter of the South West quarter, and the North West quarter of the South East quarter of Sec. 27 in Town eleven North of Range seven East of the third meridian containing 80 acres.
# 243 Chas.F. to Samuel O. The South half of the South West quarter of Sec. 27 Twp.11 North of Range 7 East of the third Meridian. Containg 80 acres.                                                    
The first two were drawn up in City of Effingham, the next one Cumberland County. And the last Coles County.                                      
#561 Chas.F. to James Clark Nineteen acres off the South side of the North West quarter of the South West quarter of Sec.27 Town 11 Range 7 East of the # rd P.M. Dated 30 Nov. 1894
# 243 was dated 31 Aug. 1887"
"Charles Francis Anderson b. 26 June 1849
d. 18 Feb. 1906. Died in Fayette Co.,Illinois. Buried in Pleasant Grove Cem. in Beecher City.     md. 2 Feb. 1870 on Pullman R.R. Neoga.
Wife: Melissa A. Smith b. 4 July 1851 Logansport,IN. d. 19 Nov. 1929 In Fayette Co.,Illinois. Bur. Same place. Melissa dau. of John T. Smith and Henrietta  Phillips from Jefferson Co.,IN.                                
Children of Chas. and Melissa:                         Walter Francis b. 4 Jan. 1871 Minnie May b. 14 June 1874  Claude Elsworth b. 14 June 1878         John Robert b. 9 July 1883 Edward Raymond b. 6 Mar. 1890
John Robert is my grandfather. He married     Vallie B. Mullens in Moccasin, Illinois. on 17 June 1906. Children
1. George Pearl b. 15 Nov.1906. 2. Opal Lucy b. 30 Apr. 1908  3. Zelma Fern b. 12 Apr. 1910         4.Frieda May   b. 4 Mar. 1912. 5 Juanita Aretta b. 18 May 1915. 6 Albert Elmer b. 19 Oct. 1917           7 Wilbur Forest b. 19 Nov. 1921. 8 John Robert {Bobbie} b. 3 Nov. 1926.
George Pearl was my Dad. My Mom was Alice Margarette Heath from Edinburg,Illinois. 3 daus. born to them. Me being the oldest. Norma Iona , Dorothy Jean , and Emily Carolyn. All three born in the Taylorville, Ill. area. Dorothy J. lives in Decatur,Illinois , and my youngest sister is deceased. Died at 47 years old of cancer. Thought I would bring you up to date on my family. Talk more later, NORMA"

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