Early September 2006 a big celebration in Neoga.
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By Evelyn Alexander and Pat Williamson
This is the first of three feature articles about Neoga schools and educators. during the last 50 years.

In 1948 voters in and around Neoga approved the formation of Neoga Community Unit #3. Numerous area one-room school houses were closed and bussing of students to central locations began. Students were housed at Etna, Trowbridge, Pioneer School on Rt. 121, and Neoga Elementary and High Schools. Eventuaally the schools at Etna and Trowbridge were closed and grades one through eight were taught at Pioneer School and Neoga Elementary.

In the 1949=1950 school year, junior high school for grades 7-8 was formed in the high school building. In 1959, by a vote of 547 to 709, approval was given to sell $350,000 in bonds to build Neoga Elementary and Junior High School on West Sixth St. Junior high school students were then moved from the high school to the new building.

The elementary students in Pioneer Elementary School md Neoga Elementary School were combined with the configuration of the grade levels in each building changing as needed.

In 1954 a new gymnasium was built for Neoga High School, and the old gym was converted to a cafeteria, band room and farm shop,

On March 12, 1977 ground was broken for Neoga Junior-Senior High School on East Seventh St. The building was built around the existing gymnasium and the old high school building was demolished. Junior high students were then moved to the new building.

2003 Neoga Middle School, housing grades for I through six, was opened in the new building behind the high school, and Pioneer Elementary School was closed.

Presently grades preschool through three attend Neoga Elementary School, grades four through six attend Neoga Middle School and grades seven through twelve attend Neoga Junior-Senior High School.

RLY COMMENT, This very well describes the huge changes that have been made from my Neoga Township High School and my one room country Lambert Grade School since my NTHS graduation in 1943.

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