This is a photo of the boat dock at the mouth of White Iron Lake at Pine Point Lodge near Ely, Minnesota. During the summers from 1936 through 1941, Mom, Dad, Philip and I spent about a week during the month of August on vacation in a cabin at this Lodge. Under the bridge is a narrow stream of water flowing rapidly to White Iron Lake hence the name Silver Rapids. Mostly we fished for Walleye and Northern Pike in the several lakes reached by proceeding under the bridge and sometimes with the Lodge owner, Gus Seliskar, guiding we took portage trips into very remote lakes not accesible by auto. There the fishing was fabulous. In August just after we were married Phyllis and I went with the folks for a week vacation here. Near the end of that week. the folks drove us to Duluth to take a train to Chicago so that I might meet with Professor Jennings, Head of the M.E. Department at Northwestern University, to discuss the possibility of my enrollment to work toward a Master of Science Degree in M.E. while emplyed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in his Department. Later I accepted his offer of an Assistantship and Phyllis and I moved to that area. After the visit, we went to the 12th Street Station and by I C Railroad returned to Mattoon. Again in the Summer of 1955, Phyllis, Ronald and I drove the two tone green Pontiac to Pine Point Lodge from Evanston to join the folks for a week at Pine Point Lodge. One evening, we were having the usual trouble of getting Ronnie to sleep so we took Ronald for a long car ride. Much to our disgust, as we carried Ronnie back in to the cabin. he became more awake than ever. The joys of parenthood.

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