After Martha died on November 15, 1978, I married Betty Sullivan Mayberry Delk on December 1, 1979. Betty loved animals and we soon had the two pets pictured here. The cat Buffy was found by Ronald at Wilkens drive paddling about in the swimming pool. Ron did not need a cat and he implored Betty to take it which she did. Buffy was very little but he grew up to be a full sized cat and a great hunter. Buffy loved to cross our street, go through the Englands yard and down to Rock Creek. After our two Minuature Snauzers died, Betty wanted another dog and Ron's wife Susan, a nurse, had a nurse friend who raised Shizyus in a trailed on the south side of Tullahoma. Betty and I drove down there to visit and found a very clean, odor free trailer with several Shizyus in it. Among them was a little female which Betty had to have. We brought her home, she grew rapidly and made friends with Buffy the cat. Since the dog stemmed from Chineses Temple dogs, we named her Su Wu after my faculty colleague, Dr. Professor Susan Wu wio gave her enthusiastic permission. In the photo Buffy is teasing Su Wu and Su Wu is guite unhappy with the red sweater Betty bought her for Chrisemas.After Betty died June 4, 1994, I married Mari Louise Haupt Young, wife of my deceased younger brother, on December 17, 1995.
Su Wu soon became big friends with Mari and Buffy and Mari tolerated each other. When we came home late in the evening, Buffy would trot down the drive to meet us and Su Wu would greet us with happy barks and great affection at our back door. Su Wu slept in our grren house with a light on and Buffy slept in our dark and peaceful basement. After Mari got her kidney transplant in March 1999, her Doctors advised her that she should not have a cat, so we gave Buffy to Scot Robertson who lived on the edge of a woods that must have really pleased Buffy for she liked to roam and hunt. Su Wu died peacefully at home in 2001. We much miss both pets but realize that we are no longer able to take care of pets properly and besides it would be very hard to find ones equal to Buffy and Su Wu.

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