When we arrived in Tullahoma, Phyllis was quite pregnant and we could not drive around to see the sights. I did drive down Route 55 to the edge of the Highland Rim overlooking the Lynchburg valley, what a sight. I went to the First National Bank with its sawdust floor to open a checking account. A young Claire Eoff met me and I told Claire I had 900 dollars cash and wanted to open an account into which I would later transfer 1000 dollars from my Evanston bank where you practically had to show your birth certificate to complete a transaction. At that time, the bank used little black books as deposit records so Claire made out one to me and wrote down an initial deposit of 1900 dollars. I protested that I was only putting in 900 dollars at that time but Claire just smiled and said the rest will come. What a shrewd transaction on his part.

Later that first day I needed an antenna for the black and white TV set we had brought from Evanston. So I called up Crouch's store. and Robert Crouch answered. I explained my need and he said he was sorry but doubted that they could install an antenna that afternoon but would be out early next morning.

That surprised and pleased me for in Evanston if you had need for TV service, you waited indefinitely. They would promise to come at a given time and then not show up. Amazingly the crew showed up early next moming and I was in the TV business. Although Tullahoma was small and not nearly so sophisticated as the Evanston-Chicago area, I soon concluded that it was a great place to live. And with all the changes and improvements, after more than 40 years, Tullahoma is still a great place to live. As I said in my retirement ceremony at the Offices Club in 1990, "Though retired, I plan to live in Tullahoma for truly, we live in a paradise."

A notebook titled RLY NOTES which includes most of the preceding plus other events in my older years plus some of the my grade school, high school and college work.

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