My NTHS Classmate Rowena Mary (Elson) Drennan at the insistence of her children has published a web site "Cobwebs On My Mind" which provides a report of her life and times. She kept urging me to do the same but I kept pointing out that most aspects of my life and times are scattered about in my many web sites and articles printed in a note book that I had written over the past 20 years. But finally understanding the merit of her suggestion, I publish here many of these aticles plus other pertinent material and so as not to copy Rowena's title, mine is Cobwebs On RLY Mind.

Many of these articles were scanned and cut, copy and pasted into this site. To explain the lack of consistency in appearance, I hasten to explain that I used the word processing capabilities of several computers beginning with an Osborne, the first almost portable computer. then an IBM Personal Computer, first IBM fiasco, then a Commodore, great color but little capablity, an off brand Windows 95 desktop, no support available, a maker no longer recalled Windows 95 laptop that had fatal hinge problems and a Windows 98 Compaq desktop.

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