At Northwestern we lived in frat houses near a nice gym and softball, football and soccer fields. We swam in Lake Michigan which was usually very cold but had nice piers and a fine sand beach. So I had the chance to playa lot of sports including pick up basketball games at noon. I played on several V -12 teams against other V-12s, civilians and other Navy groups. We had a Navy Chief Follet from Rhode Island and he was amazed that I shot one-handed jump shots for he was used to the two-handed set shot like my dad shot.

During my two seasons there my BB team were champs and I was declared the Navy MVP and still have the trophy. I played guard most of the time but also shot and rebounded a lot. In fast-pitch softball, I did not hit well but I did a fine fielding job at short center. We also played field hockey which was quite exhausting and dangerous. A liitle touch fotball in the line and a few times I played against a former Chicago highschool star lineman, Ernie Natke, who showed me painfully how a lineman should charge.

I would play basketball at noon then rush to class in a sweat. In an evening game in the big gym we played the ROTC team from the U of Wisconsin. .I made some nice shots from the corner but we lost a close game. We played the ROTC team from U.ofWisconsin at Madison in the big gym. We played the Navy team at Navy Pier and lost big. I also played trumpet in our band and our best appearance was a march down Michigan Avenue on VJ day. Quite a thrilling experience. All in all I had a fine sports experience at Northwestern.

I played against several who were or had been on the varsity and they were clearly better than me. After I graduated and got married, I returned to graduate school at NU. I played a little bit of softbsll in an industrial league and a lot of basketball. My friend Pete Pasqua was on the team. Pete was a fine athlete but he had not played much basketball. I remember one game where we went into overtime and early in the overtime I had a fairly short jump shot. Although Pete had suggested passing the ball until we got a real easy shot, I could not resist taking the jump shot and, ZOUNDS I missed it and we finally lost the game.. Properly Pete gave me a hard time for not passing and he was right.

But we won several games with my good shooting. As I got older it became harder to stay in condition. Our last game was in Foster hall on the black folks side of Evanston. It was a small gym full of blacks with a team of more than 10 small but fast as lightening. Only five of our team showed up. Early in the game we did well. The officiating was fair but the crowd was vety noisy and hostile. As the third quarter went on we became totally exhaiusted with no substitutes and we had to forfeit the game. Thus ended my basketball career. Lots of thrills and lots of fun but it is a young mans game.

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