After looking at a watercolor. Kathryn and Chris Rhodes are "delighted" over going with their parents to Belgium where they will actually see such scenes and visit many of the places, studied in school. They will continue their study of French and other subjects in a school near Brussels while their father (R.P. Rhodes, Jr RTF engineer) is serving on the faculty at the von Karman Institute of Fluid Dynamics as a result of being chosen by ARO for its von Karman Grant. The candle on the table is a gift brought from Europe by the F. Huges Smiths. The Smiths and other previous 6 recipients of the Grant have been briefing the Rhodes as they busily prepare to leave for the year-long trip around Aug.1.

Previous award winners were Heinrich J. Ramm, currently at VKI; F. Hughes Smith, Jr., Carroll E.
Peters, Dr. James D. Haygood, J.A. van der Bliek, Kenneth E. Tempelmeyer and Eino Latvala.

Mr. Rhodes was employed by ARO in September 1956 after being at the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for six years as a fellowship recipient.

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