INSTITUTES ARE LINKED - Both Robert O. Dietz, left, and Dr. B. H. Goethert are all smiles as Dr. Goethert prepares to sign an agreement providing for student and faculty exchanges between the University of Tennessee Space Institute, which Dr. Goethert heads, and the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, of which Mr. Dietz is director and which is located near Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Goethert went to Belgium recently for the contract signing. Mr. Dietz is on leave from his Air Force civilian post at Arnold Center while serving as director of the Von Karman Institute, operated by an aerospace scientific group of the North Atlantic Organization.

RLY Comment: Dr. Goethert was a very intense "get the job done" man who very rarely smiled to the extent pictured here. Clearly Dietz was an outstanding host for Doc's visit to Brussels. This agreement is still valid and it is shame that it has never been used by any UTSI person.


F. Hughes Smith, Jr., a mechanical engineer with ESF, left the Center last month for a year as a faculty member at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics near Brussels, Belgium, as the sixth von Karman Grant winner. Outstanding engineers and scientists from NATO member countries make up the faculty and student body of the Institute.

The program in which the grant is made is an agreement by ARO, Inc., to nominate each year one of its top engineers or scientists for a faculty post at the Institute. The Company grants him leave from his duties at the Center and provides funds for some of the expenses involved. Mr. Smith is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is a registered engineer in the State of Tennessee, and a member of the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers. His wife, the former Beverly Jean Phillips of Atlanta, and their two children, Scott, 9, and Jean, 6, accompanied him.

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